Marketing and Campaign Management

Maximize the Revenue Potential of Your Marketing Campaigns — In Real Time.



As marketing campaigns often go viral, organizations need the ability and systems to monitor campaigns in real time to see your campaigns' progress, success rate and download all relevant consumer and marketers’ data, so you can plan effectively, target precisely, budget resourcefully, monitor efficiently, and analyze in real time.

Campaign management is required by organizations to meet Business Goals:

  • Increase revenue
  • Plan and manage campaigns efficiently
  • Improve market share

Key Performance Indicators

  • Higher percentage of revenue growth for existing & new customers
  • Lower campaign-to-event cost/revenue ratio
  • Less customer churn and increased market percentage of new customers



We have people with capabilities to ensure you run an effective and efficient marketing campaign. We help clients in developing and managing systems to easily access, share, reuse, distribute and archive all types of business content. By centrally storing and providing easy access to business information, you extend their value by allowing them to be quickly repurposed, which streamlines processes and saves money.



  • Campaign management Systems
  • Online marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Marketing performance management
  • Content management