Customer Relations BPO

EsoftWorld's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) BPO is an end to end multi-channel integrated business service covering the entire customer life cycle management (including marketing support, sales support & customer service) that optimizes profitability, revenue, cost to serve and customer satisfaction through transformation enabled solution framework.

Some of the emerging trends in the CRM market are:

  • Emergence of social media in the CRM service outsourcing sphere
  • Demand for platform based CRM delivery model
  • Adoption of business intelligence (BI) services along with CRM value chain and processes
  • Deployment of 24/7 virtual customer service center through multiple channels

Our Services Includes:

  • Customer Service
    • Integrated Global delivery challenges with disparate service locations
    • Multi Channel Communication capability and customer adoption challenges
    • Poor Customer Satisfaction
    • High Cost to Serve
    • Lack of Customer One View

  • Sales Support
    • Reaching the target segment
    • Poor Conversions

  • Marketing Support
    • Identifying the Target customers
    • Poor Customer Retention and Loyalty
    • Non effective business communication