Application Outsourcing

The application outsourcing market is undergoing a period of growth. This growth will intensify as Chief Information Officers seek new ways to reduce the costs of maintaining onsite expertise. Also during this growth, enterprises are demanding higher levels of service and application availability to support change. To capitalize on this market opportunity, service providers will be challenged to identify and leverage efficiencies across their people, process, and technology to cost-effectively deliver on their customers’ expectations.

With EsoftWorld’s application outsourcing services solution, enterprise service providers can increase market share by cutting labor costs, scaling service delivery capacity, delivering higher value, and higher application management services.

EsoftWorld provides a service delivery model that enables enterprise service providers to eliminate redundancies and potential waste caused by the inherent complexities of supporting a distributed set of application configurations. With us, service providers can automate key service processes that include but are not limited to:

  • Maintenance and monitoring
  • Change management
  • Problem resolution

By automating the delivery of application services management, EsoftWorld’s Application outsourcing services solution enables providers to:

  • Lower resource costs associated with managing applications
  • Reduce business interruptions resulting from application downtime and under performance
  • Improve time-to-market on application upgrades and enhancements
  • Better leverage their own resources across customers to achieve efficiencies of scale