Business Process Outsourcing

The ITES and Business Process Outsourcing industry has become one of the fastest growing industry in the recent years, with its unique set of challenges and opportunities.

The industry includes work types of a variety of kinds, right from simple data entry, order fulfillment, transaction processing and customer query handling, to complex technical support, data analytics and high-risk high-impact decision making. No matter what the business processes are, and whether the centers are in-house (captive) or for third party business, on-shore or off-shore, some of the key needs of the businesses remain similar, including:

  • Moving up the value chain
  • Achieving Operational Excellence through process and performance
  • Developing a Global Brand
  • Resource Management
  • Competency Development at Middle Management Levels
  • People related Issues - Attrition, Upstream Process (hiring, training, on-boarding), meeting the numbers

EsoftWorld provides tested and proven solutions to help you meet these and related operational challenges through our suite of services specifically designed and customized for ITES-BPOs and Service Centers.

Our Solution

Assessments: EsoftWorld conducts Process and Performance Assessments and diagnostic studies for ITES-BPO companies on their Business Process Management Systems (BPMS) for key customer related processes and key support processes. 
EsoftWorld also performs due diligence activities on behalf of buyers of service pertaining to operational stability and service delivery capability for "Sourcing" service providers.

Training and Skill Building

EsoftWorld provides trainings pertaining to enhancements of the following skills:

  • Skills pertaining to Problem solving through a toolsets provided by Six Sigma (Green Belt, Black Belt certifications), Lean Thinking and Innovation
  • Skills that facilitate / aid the delivery for certain key area, e.g. Transaction Monitoring, Forecast staff and schedule, Resource Management, Quality Management